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Make your assessment and discover potentials that perhaps have not yet been explored.

Knowing our brain potential is key to setting clear goals that are compatible with our unique characteristics. This allows us to develop relationships and skills to facilitate the achievement of our personal goals and professional success.

NBI® assessments identify an individual’s thinking preferences and emotional cognition based on a four-quadrant brain model and eight sub-dimensions. This is the only tool on the market with this BIG DIFFERENTIAL.

You can also use NBI® assessments professionally.

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Benefits offered by the assessment

Understanding your thinking preferences raises your level of self-awareness and sensitivity, while recognizing other people’s thinking preferences. This will allow you to:

  • Improve the quality of relationships

  • Contribute more assertively to conflict resolution

  • Maximize contribution at a family, social and professional level

  • Make the decisions that are most relevant to your life

  • Choose or migrate to another career

  • Express compassion during the challenging processes of others

Assessments can also be done in groups. By analyzing and comparing profiles of different people in various situations, it is possible to:

  • Detect how they can collaborate with each other

  • Form a cohesive work team

  • Analyze possible business partnerships

  • Evaluate interactions in personal and family relationships

  • Improve communication in general

The four quadrants and the eight brain sub-dimensions

Your brain profile is measured in four quadrants: L1, L2, R1, and R2 (“left” and “right”).  L1 encompasses the “Analyst and Realist” subdimensions, while L2 encompasses the “Conservative / Preserver and Organizer” subdimensions. In the right hemisphere of the brain, the subdimensions “Strategist and Imaginative” are found in the R1 quadrant, and the subdimensions “Socializer and Empathic” in the R2 quadrant.

Brain preference assessments reveal which quadrants hold their strengths, that is, their dominance of brain use and also the quadrants of lesser dominance, indicating points that can be developed based on each objective.

It is important to note that there is not one profile that is better than other, not even some function or task that can only be performed by people who have certain brain preferences. The assessments reveal their main characteristics and potentials, facilitating the drive to success through creative and personalized strategies.

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NBI® Assessments

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