Creativity and Innovation
Innovate in your career by integrating a well-respected tool that will make you stand out!

Every professional wants a successful career. To have one, it is essential to integrate professionalism with creativity and innovation. It is with this goal in mind that we offer the Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®) certification program to further expand your career and help you improve the relationships, projects, and careers of your clients.

Gain access to one of the most respected assessment batteries in the market!


NBI® Certification

NBI® certification equips professionals for the new reality of the job market, which increasingly values the use of creativity and innovation. When you administer these assessments to your clients, you add extraordinary value to your professional role while helping them understand how they think and under what circumstances they excel. From this knowledge, you will be able to offer them a tailored process consistent with your clients’ thinking preferences and working styles to allow them to succeed across many contexts.

When you register to receive an NBI® certification, you will take your personal assessment to understand your own brain profile. This self-knowledge will not only help you, but it will also allow you to further develop your ability to assist your clients by teaching them how to create an environment that fosters excellence. With the assessment results, powerful insights will become more and more frequent, both for the professional and the client. This means gaining a deeper understanding of cognitive dynamics and thereby reaching goals more quickly and with greater success.  The course can be taken virtually or in person. The whole program consists of theoretical and practical lessons, including case studies and free webinars. To solidify the learning, case studies are presented as free webinars by certified professionals monthly.


Learn about the four quadrants and eight sub-dimensions of a brain profile

The Benefits of Certification

  • International Certification by the one and only United States Center for the Development of Human Talent authorized to certify also in the Portuguese language

  • Access to the NBI® strategies that can improve effectiveness for you and your clients in organizational, individual, social and teamwork areas

  • Coaching/Mentoring group sessions to elicit feedback

  • Access to the only 30-hour course of its kind

  • Free assessments to get things going with your first clients

  • A private platform where you can acquire, manage, select, and create individual or group assessments, compare profiles, and apply 360° assessments

  • Extensive networking through the Conscious Community, sharing experiences and creative insights related to NBI® use during monthly webinars

  • Special discounts at certain events

  • Support in the use and management of the NBI® platform tools

  • Theoretical material along with the practical exercises, immediately qualifying the professional to manage the instruments and assist children, adolescents, and adults