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Understanding and exploring our brain’s potential allows us to expand our perception and understanding of different situations so that we can reach our goals and objectives. With neuroscience as the foundation of our cognitive-behavioral approach, and using mindful meditation techniques, we can achieve the “absolute presence” necessary to reach our fullest potential. With a pleasurable process, we promote the development of emotional and social intelligence to render excellent results!

What is the difference between “Neurocoaching” and “Neuromentoring?”

Our approach has proven highly effective in all areas: personal, relationship, academic, professional, and corporate. Learn how to make the most of your brain’s potential and creatively  rewire it in order to reach your goals and objectives. Take advantage of the NeuroCoaching and NeuroMentoring resources and join the many success stories.


Through NeuroCoaching, you will discover how to live based on your intentions, understand your emotions and beliefs, and achieve what you desire – all in a lighthearted and pleasant manner. During the process, we work on self-awareness and behavioral consciousness, reevaluating self-limiting beliefs and laying the groundwork for the creation of new neural pathways. Using valuable information from NBI® assessment, you can free yourself of destructive patterns and behavior in a healthy, productive way.

Scientifically-proven techniques based on neurocognitive-behavioral approach are applied while you learn how to take action to accomplish your personal and professional projects with confidence and enthusiasm.


Mentoring is a trusting relationship established between mentor and mentee, in which the mentor stimulates and empowers the mentee, sharing his or her own experiences and knowledge, and providing guidance for the betterment of the mentee’s personal and professional performance. It is an ongoing and informal process in which the mentee can conveniently obtain support, guidance, opinions, and suggestions from the mentor upon request. Mentoring is far-reaching and suitable for relationships that are mid- to long-term, as opposed to coaching, which is focused on achieving results within a specific time frame.

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